Diabetes & Diwali

When the most awaited Indian festival is about to come, You can’t refrain yourself from thinking about celebrations, food & family get together etc.

Here are some good to go Diwali tips for people with diabetes

A good way to avoid binging is opting for nuts like almonds, walnuts, and cashews, but refrain from peanuts for mid-meal snacking. Drink plenty of water during the festive time, not only to cleanse your gut but also to keep you full and keep you away from gorging on unhealthy food. You can go for lime water, coconut water, and buttermilk if you are not fond of plain water and reduce drinking tea, coffee, alcohol, and carbonated beverages as much as you can, suggests Avni.

A diabetic always needs to be aware of the number of carbohydrates you are putting in your body. Restrict high calories foods or simple sugars like rice, sugar and fats. Consume high fiber vegetables and salads. Good portion of protein like lentils and pulses and small portion of healthy fats.

concentrate on fiber rich food like Wheat or broken wheat – Kichidi, Pulao, Pongal, Millets like – Sama Chawal (Banyad millet) , Khichdi, Amaranth flour – For Chapathi, Poori, Buckwheat flour – poori, Dosa, Kichidi, Rajgira – poori, Paratha, Makhana – (Fox nuts) – Kheer, Sighare ke atta – roti, Chapathi, samosa, poori.

If you are preparing sweets at home, prepare with skimmed milk instead of full fatted milk. Use jaggery instead of sugar. Instead of deep fried foods, opt for backed, grilled ones.
Include plenty of water, soups, lassie and butter milk which are safe for diabetics .
Last but not the least, regular consumption of your medicines and exercising will reduce stress levels and keep you safe.